Magdalene’s Lament 

 Sinner, Convert, Poet, Contemplative



A la notte oscura

Per Cristo Gesu


 Lost words, lost time, debris of verse, 

Failing the minutes You give me,  

Futile the feelings which might 

Have lifted to You my soul, 


Shaking, I stretch towards You 

And away, the cup of emptiness, 

From which my lips would turn, 

Full draughts I must drain,


Soaked with winter rain, my cloak 

Falls to the mud and lies fallen, 

Here the watchmen find me 

And beat me, strip away garments, 


Leave me naked, freezing under

Wind and night till I cannot move, 

Cannot forefend wind’s empty gusts, 

My spirit is silenced before its sin,


How, Lord, may I, having none, 

 Heave heart to You, or hearken? 

Or hear the whisper of Your Name 

Beneath this mindless roar of storm?


How will I endure until the dawn?



December 21, 2005

Sun Valley


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