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Music at Valyermo

"I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live' PS 104:33

The monks continue to gather daily to chant the Divine Office as they have for centuries in the Church. The monastic community here at Valyermo has been blessed with singers and musicians throughout its history, including composer Fr Wilfrid Weitz (the community's first Choirmaster), Fr Francis (Assistant Choirmaster and Cantor), Fr Luke (Harp and Cantor), and other cantors Abbot Damien, Fr Carlos, and Br Columba. Fr Angelus, a classically-trained composer and singer, is the current choirmaster and organist. In continuing the long-standing monastic tradition of praising God through music, he leads the monastic choir in the worship of God through the beauty inherent in chanting the Psalms.

The newly formed Schola sings monthly at the Sunday Conventual Mass.


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