Out of the Silence

Out of the Silence


What draws a man into a monastery? What is it about monastic life that explains a man giving up what other men hold essential to happiness: marriage, family, career, a life in the world? How does being part of a monastic community substitute for the gifts in life which most people seek?

This film attempts to answer some of those questions. It was filmed at the Abbey of St. Andrew in Valyermo, California. It is a portrait of Father Eleutherius Winance, a man who has just celebrated his one hundredth birthday and has lived most of those years as a monk. It is the story of how an 18 year old Belgian youth entered the monastic Order of St. Benedict in Burges, Belgium; became a teacher of Western philosophy in China, traveled throughout the world and became one of the original founders of the monastic community at St. Andrew's Abbey.

In this documentary, Fr. Eleutherius and other monks at the Abbey share reflections about monastic life and the Rule Of St. Benedict. The DVD provides insight into how, by serving God and the community, Fr. Eleutherius has lived a life of purpose, and fulfillment and leaves a lasting legacy of inspiration. Time: 34 minutes

Available in the Abbey Bookstore or online, see here

MEN between the ages of 21-45 who are interested in learning more about monastic life at Valyermo should contact the Director of Vocations at Saint Andrew's Abbey, P.O. Box 40, Valyermo, CA 93563; vocations@valyermo.com , (661) 944-2178, ext. 116; FAX - (661) 944-1076.

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