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Make a Gift

Thank you for helping us to preserve our house of prayer.

We have several gift giving options.

You may contact us in person, by phone, by mail (for checks), or use our secure online donation links, by following the donation buttons below.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Cards, and electronic funds transfers.
Cash donations are gladly accepted, in person, in the development office.

Your gift is tax deductible.
St. Andrew's Abbey is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit.

You may make a gift to support Saint Andrew's Abbey and the Monks of Valyermo as a Dollar a Day monthly subscription, as a single gift, or as an annual gift.

Dollar a Day Monthly Subscription

Yes, I would like to support the monks and their ministry by donating the following amount each month to the general fund of the monastery.

$1 a day... $30 a month

$2 a day... $60 a month

$3 a day... $90 a month

Additional Dollar a Day Options....

Monastery General Fund Gift

Your gift to the general fund of the monastery will help support our approximately 20 Benedictine monks in our daily lives as well help with the monks' education and upkeep of our grounds and buildings, including our pastoral outreach through our retreat center, youth retreat center, and ceramics and books and gift store.

Senior Housing Building Fund Gift

Your generous gift will help us reach our goal of building new comfortable housing for our senior monks to live, eat and pray in by 20xx

Annual Gifts

If you wish to make an annual gift to the Abbey's general fund, please follow the link and choose the amount you wish to donate annually.

Matching Gifts

Perhaps your employer offers a matching gift program. Please contact us to request more information.

Estate Planning

If you wish to remember the Abbey in your estate planning, please contact us for information on making this type of gift.

Gifts of Publicly Traded Stocks and Securities, Retirement Plan Distributions, Life Insurance Policies, Real Estate

For more information on making these types of gifts, please contact us.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to support the Abbey through your time and talent, please contact us to see which volunteer positions are currently available.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

St. Andrew's Abbey, Inc.
Development Office
PO Box 40
Valyermo, CA 93563-0040

Phone: 661 944-8959
Fax: 661 944-1076

Physical Address; 31001 N. Valyermo Road, Valyermo, CA

Thank You

The Monks of Valyermo are truly appreciative of your support. We pray for our generous benefactors and friends daily.
You are welcome to join us in prayer. Please click on Horarium, to see daily schedule.

Privacy Statement:

Saint Andrew's Abbey, Inc. does not lend nor distribute donor information or data.

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