The Monks of Valyermo

2017 The monks with Bishop Wilkerson and Abbot Charles (Prince of Peace Monastery). Several monks were absent.

ON THIS PAGE is list of all the members of the monastic community, together with their dates of birth, profession, and ordination.This is roster is also called the ORDO of the community and also includes links to biographical sketches and articles about those monks who have given permission for their picture and curriculum vitae to be included here.



THE STORY of Father Thaddeus Yang An-Yuen's (d.1982) conversion from Buddhism to Catholicism and of his early years in our mother-abbey of St. André (now Sint Andriesabdij) are found in his essay, From Buddha to Benedict. The early years of our monastery in China are described in his essay, The Chinese Adventure of an Indonesian Monk, as well as in the interviews of Fr. Eleutherius, Fr. Vincent, and Bro. Peter.

(Text from the SS. Patriachae Benedicti Familiae Confoederatae Catalogus Monasteriorum, O.S.B. and the Congregatio Annuntiationis Ordinis Sancti Benedicti)

Canonical erection in Shishan, China 1929. Canonical transfer to Chengtu, China in 1947; to Valyermo, California in 1956. Elevated to Conventual Priory in 1965; to Abbey in 1992.

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