The Starry Vaults of Night





Adagio teneremente 



Per Cristo Gesu 





Angel choirs, bend down the starry vaults

Of night, come down, and consecrate

This too brief hour with Heaven’s music,

Healing balm of unbearable delight,






O Song made flesh, from the firmament  



Bend down to Sing me, my very song 



My plight, plight me Lord past my soul’s



Poverty, so I may sing with You this life,






For if I this venture fail, then never  



Did I live or love, and yet You live, by 



Singing, so I dare a short duet with You, 



I must sing Your music of the night,






Hide Your beauty, scintillating bright, 



In stars’ eternal light, hide me too, 



That I may not obscure Your creation’s



Brilliant daybreak, Your stars’ white,









Bursting brightness, sparkling sapphire 



Seas, meadows glistening at dawn, woods 



With red cedars strewn, which incense 



Your Sabbath day, here let fall no burning







Leaf, let no bird call, with fog muffle  



The mountains’ luster of emerald, 



Blue, and gold, lest I my poor song 



Fail before their greater melody,






But let me only with music be, the ballad 



Of all my days with Your desires, and I 



Am more than halfway home to Your 



Invisible throne, where Music Absolute






Forever Fountains, where seraphim

Never cease, before God, to chant

Glory to Your Name, there inebriate 



My soul invisible, so my pain be






Redeemed by Ever Irresistible Song.







In Honor of Edna St. Vincent  Millay 



1892 - 1950






For Mary Gerlitz

Musician Extraodinaire









December 25, 2005

Valyermo and Sun Valley











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