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A retreat can make an immense difference in the lives of young people. St. Andrew's Abbey Retreat Center offers hospitality for this important spiritual exercise. We will do everything possible to make your retreat an event during which young people may experience God’s love for them and further enrich the life in the Spirit that God has shared with them.

There is beauty, peace, and tranquility in all our surroundings. The beauty of this natural environment will help to inspire prayerful reflection.

There are also acres of trails for hiking and for moderate athletic experiences.

General Information

For weekend and mid-week retreats, the minimum number of students is 30 and the maximum is 80 students and 8 adults.

Types of Retreats:

• Two Night Retreat:
The suggested donation for a weekend or 2-night retreat is $95 per person. This includes lodging and 5 meals.

• One Night Retreat:
A 1-night stay is $65 and includes 4 meals.

• Day Retreat: Day of Recollection
Day of Recollection, which is a 1-day event, is also available for $20 per person which includes lunch.

For further information:
(661) 944-2734

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