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HEALING OUR WOUNDS: Forgiveness in the Spiritual Life 2022

August 1 @ 3:00 pm - August 5 @ 12:00 pm

We give them, we suffer them, our bodies hold on to them for years: Wounds. We can imprison ourselves in them and wither emotionally far too long without the transforming power of forgiveness. It is Divine Love that liberates us from resentment, self-pity and isolation. The love that forgives opens a path to inner freedom. God reveals such love in Jesus. When we experience authentic forgiveness, we begin to live again in hope and gratitude. When we ponder such experiences, we desire to enter more personally into the mystery for forgiveness toward others, to become reconcilers ourselves. The process of forgiveness requires the full engagement of desire, willingness, and courage. The whole person-body, mind and soul-must engage in this endeavor. Without forgiveness, our Christian life and our emotional wellbeing are incomplete. This is an essential part of becoming our truest self, the person God intends us to be. 


Saint Andrew’s Abbey
31001 N. Valyermo Road
Valyermo, CA 93563 United States

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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find

knock and the door will open to you.

Matthew 7:7