This Good Food

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"To this Benedictine monk"•whose vegetable and herb beds, chickens, and sheep surround his small monastery"•preparing food is prayer."�"•Gourmet

Simple and natural: these are key aspects of the monastic cooking for which Brother Victor has become so widely known and the reason his cookbooks have become international bestsellers, inspiring home cooks the world over. This Good Food presents some 150 French vegetarian recipes that take advantage of seasonal produce and readily available ingredients.

These classic and contemporary vegetable dishes emphasize the connection to nature that is so vital to monastery cooking and the key to making meals that nourish both the body and the soul.

From a healthy Peasant Soup to a Leek Tart, Fava Beans Castilian Style to a Mushroom Salad with Lemon to Basque Cake with Pears, Brother Victor will show you how rich and delicious flavors can be coaxed from simple ingredients when combined and prepared in the appropriate way. 50+ black-and-white illustrations