St. Thomas Aquinas & St. Francis of Assisi

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St. Thomas Aquinas - For Chesterton, Thomas Aquinas is a man of mystery, who though born into a noble Neapolitan family chose the life of a mendicant friar. Shy and lumbering, his classmates dubbed him "the Dumb Ox". However, he was to lead a revolution in Christian thought. Chesterton's portrayal will engage, enlighten, and sometimes confounding. His seminal sketch of the life and thought of this great man is as relevant today as when it was first published in 1933.

St. Francis of Assisi - Chesterton puts himself in the position of the 'ordinary modern thinker and enquirer' to write this excellent biography of St Francis. St Francis was a 'very real historical human being' and Chesterton tells his story using many anecdotes and examples. We learn about his youth as a young romantic troubadour and how he learned to help the poor. Chesterton tells how St Francis turned his back on his home and family and refused to have possessions.