Holy Work, Towards A Benedictine Theology

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First published in 1951, this is a revised edition of the text devoted to expounding an ideal which has been neglected at great cost to contemporary society: that prayer and work be intimately joined. Middle-class work in the West consists of doing little without the aid of complicated machinery and systems. Functions we are designed to perform; digging, building, and growing God's earth are relegated to an adjunct of entertainment at the gym and shopping mall. Neither St. Benedict nor Sorg could see this as a useful approach to prayer, our proper work. Dorthy Day was impressed with the book and wrote: Sorg goes in for a deeper theology of manual labor in dealing with man as co-creator with God.; taking the raw material that God has provided, making things of use and beauty... and bringing about a synthesis of cult, culture, and cultivation. In his preface, Brian Terrell of the Catholic Worker in Maloy, Iowa, says: The economic factor has been at the point of cleavage between a healthy and decadent life of any kind. Sorg speaks not only to Benedictines but to any persons who would live a life of integrity in a disintegrating culture. This is an important, classic text for anyone who wants to integrate their work and their prayer.