Each Others Angels

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Each Other's Angels: Practicing Personalism in the Catholic Worker Tradition introduces readers to author Toni Flynn's vision of justice and compassion, informed by the Scriptures and inspired by the Catholic Worker Movement of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Part memoir and part tribute to various people she encountered on the margins of society, this book shows readers how seemingly insignificant and ineffectual efforts to be an angel to others can turn out to be signs of God's grace. Following Jesus, going to places of cultural darkness and brokenness, Toni inevitably takes us through troubling and troublesome terrain--the desert, homeless encampments, jails and prisons, and seedy hotels. As you will see, Toni fearlessly exposes her flaws while forging a conduit of compassion that connects her to the wounded human condition and allows her--and her readers--to hope for a better world where everyone is tended to and appreciated.