Oblation: Meditations on St. Benedict's Rule

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Thousands of spiritual seekers are discovering and re-discovering the wisdom of Saint Benedict, embracing the balanced, Christ-centered, and practical approach to daily living that he espoused for his monks almost 1500 years ago in Europe. By some estimates, Benedictine oblates outnumber vowed monks and nuns by ten-to-one. Rachel Srubas writes these uplifting, thought-provoking reflections out of her own profound experiences of learning the Rule, and implementing it in the midst of a "secular" life. She is attentive to the power of words, and writes like a poet. \

Each reflection is prefaced by an excerpt from one of the Rule's seventy-three chapters, and explores the Benedictine themes of humility, prayer, community, compassion, justice, hospitality, moderation, and reverance. Srubas also offers insights for those interested in incorporating into their prayer lives the Benedictine practice of
lectio divina (sacred reading) and related contemplative writing disciplines. Personal, accessible, and deeply relevant, the prayers offered here invite readers to make their own thoughtful reflections on the timeless principles found in Benedict's Rule and how they may be applied in concrete ways in everyday life.